the black flower (by katelynn scheller)

It starts with not being able to get out of bed
The black flower has planted itself in your head
Seems like nothing at first,
Next thing you know the roots have dispersed 

Some days are bright and shiny,
Others the only thing you can think is ‘why me’
The black flowers roots have taken hold,
Makes you not want to know what it's like to grow old

Its blossoms seem beautiful and exotic 
The spell it sings to you is hypnotic
You'll listen to its melody like a ritual, 
Says its time in your garden is perpetual

It'll put thoughts and ideas in your mind
You'll be under the impression, 
That your not worth anyone’s time 
Even your own you can't ration

Your only friend becomes isolation
Sadness turns to grief and misery
Being alone becomes a fixation
Your will to live becomes a mystery 

Every day is a battle
You try to keep living while it shakes you like a rattle
Keeping your balance is an act
Having a smile on your face is a skill you'll lack

You'll feel like you're winning some days 
Others you'll be in a complete haze
Beating this battle, pushing through
Will be the bravest thing you'll ever do