locked away (by emily pakulak)

There's a girl living inside of me.
She’s beautiful, fearless, creative,
Someone people would respect. 
She just sits inside humming her ideas 
Whispering “I wish you could.”
I wish I could too.
Amazing she is as she sits there in chains, 
And even after I starve her she continues to live.
She still has the kindness and compassion 
to tell me I'm beautiful,
Even though I'm the prison guard.
Even after I've drowned her with tears,
She delicately wipes them off 
And speaks words of encouragement.
I keep her locked away out of fear.
Fear that maybe no one else will admire her
the same way I do.
To protect her from the evil.
But she accepts the truth of evil 
For she knows the good of the world
Will one day free her.