beautiful (by emily pakulak)

The fear of what people will think or say.
The thought of what beautiful means
no, the term beautiful is no longer in use.
You have to be hot yet maintain a cool facade.
Feeling pretty makes you conceited.
Calling yourself ugly is asking for attention.
Being a virgin makes you a prude
and not, a slut.
We care about the opinions 
of those who do not know our names!
We act as if a number on social media means anything.
The right clothes define you
as do the wrong ones.
Guys asks us for our numbers opposed to our favorite book.
In their eyes we appear as glistening trophies to be won,
a number to represent their superiority. 
Not human beings.
We are so much more than mere trophies.
We are the young women of the world.
Making up half of the human inhabitants
we can contribute to new discoveries,
run the country,
make a difference.
We can be anything we want!
Yet why right before entering a world full of possibilities,
do we suffer a world full of judgement 
and unrealistic expectations?
There is no middle ground to stand on.
It is either this version of worthless or that.
We have only one body given to us, so we should love it.
Instead we learn to despise and change it.
You are fat whether you fit in a size zero or size ten.
We fear judgment yet it spills out from out freshly glossed lips.
Realization of our loss of self-control
happens when we cry ourselves to sleep at night.
There is no escape from the world we live in.
We can only survive it by understanding our potential
and throwing away the stereotypes.
Your body is perfect because it is yours.
Those clothes are great because you picked them out.
A boy should talk to you in person,
to hear what great things you have to say.
Your friends are those who you exchange laughs with 
not likes on a picture.
You are not worthless to me,
you are a shining ray of individuality.
And you are not just pretty,
you radiate with beauty inside and out.